Why do I get an error message on the critical data confirmation page of the partner visa form?

The critical data confirmation page of your online partner visa form is where your personal information and related application details are verified. This is where error messages commonly appear.

You can be blocked by the system for a number of reasons:

Application type

Common reasons for a system block

Partner visa application form

You are not eligible to apply for this visa. For example:

  • you are applying in Australia for a visa that can only be applied for outside Australia
  • you cannot validly apply for any visa due to a “no further stay” condition on your current visa
  • the information you have entered about yourself is incorrect or invalid (such as incorrect passport number or date of birth).

Sponsorship form

  • The applicant has not yet lodged and paid for their application.
  • The applicant Transaction Reference Number (TRN) you have entered is incorrect.

Permanent partner form

The Applicant ID Number or TRN you entered is incorrect.

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