Emergency services


Emergency services in Australia

Triple Zero (000)

Call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency to contact the Police, Fire or Ambulance if:

  • Someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help
  • Your life or property is being threatened
  • There is a fire
  • You have witnessed an accident or crime
  • Calls to Triple Zero (000) are free.

Triple Zero (000) information is available in a number of languages:

PDF icon ​English (124 kb)
PDF iconArabic (145 kb)العربية
PDF iconChinese - Simplified (160 kb) 简体中国
PDF icon ​Chinese - Traditional (144 kb) 繁體中文
PDF icon ​French (83 kb) ​Français
PDF icon Greek (140 kb) ​ελληνικά
PDF icon ​Indonesian (83 kb) ​Bahasa Indonesia
PDF icon ​Italian (83 kb) ​Italiano
PDF icon ​Japanese (144 kb) 日本語
PDF icon ​Korean (190 kb) 한국어
PDF icon Spanish (85 kb) español
PDF icon ​Thai (313 kb) ภาษาไทย
PDF icon Vietnamese (151 kb) tiếng Việt

Find Triple Zero (000) information in other languages on the Triple Zero (000) website.

State Emergency Service

The State Emergency Service provides assistance in severe storms or floods.

Call 132 500 during a flood or storm emergency.

Emergency action guides

Emergency action guides give you information on:

  • How to prepare for an emergency
  • What to do during an emergency
  • What steps to take after an emergency

Use the emergency action guides for emergencies in Australia, including floods, heatwaves and severe storms.

Travelling outside Australia

If you aim to travel overseas, ensure you know the emergency service numbers in your intended country of travel.

Contact the Embassy or High Commission, in your intended country of travel, for emergency information.