Going through the border

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Arriving into Australia

Information for passengers arriving in Australia, including:

  • Using a SmartGate with an electronic passport (epassport) when arriving Visa and immigration requirements
  • Baggage examination and questioning
  • Air travel

See: Arriving into Australia

Departing from Australia

Information for passengers leaving Australia, including using a Smartgate with an electronic passport (epassport) when departing

See: Departing Australia

Passenger Card

Information for passengers arriving in Australia, are required to complete an Incoming passenger card.

See: Passenger Card

Tips for passengers

Information on what to do and not do when travelling through Australia’s border

See: Tips for passengers

Monitoring people movement

Information for individuals, including:

  • How to access movement records across Australia’s border
  • Movement Alert List (MAL)
  • Advance Passenger Information
  • Regional Movement Alert System (RMAS)

See: Monitoring people movement

Advance passenger processing and privacy

Information about how the Department handles personal information it collects prior to an individual travelling through Australia’s border

See: Advance Passenger Processing privacy statement (485KB PDF)

Biometrics at the border

Fingerprint checking

As a non-citizen of Australia, you may be required to have your fingerprints checked when arriving or departing. The fingerprint check will help verify your identity and assist in resolving any issues of concern.

A minimum of four fingerprints will be scanned. Checks will be conducted against the Department’s immigration data holdings and may also be checked against security or law enforcement records. 

Biometric checks should only take a few minutes of your time, with scans typically taking a few minutes to complete. 

The fingerprint scans will not be retained. The scans will be deleted as soon as the check is completed.