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Departing aircraft, air cargo, passenger and crew reporting requirements

Arrangements for Norfolk Island from 1 July 2016

From 1 July 2016, the Department became responsible for delivering immigration and customs functions on Norfolk Island.

The Migration Act 1958 (Commonwealth) will be extended to include Norfolk Island. This means that passenger movements between the Australian mainland and Norfolk Island will be considered domestic travel for immigration purposes.

The Norfolk Island Customs Ordinance 2016 will apply a modified version of the Customs Act 1901 and associated regulations on Norfolk Island. This means that people and goods arriving in, and leaving from, Norfolk Island will remain international movements for customs purposes.

This information is for pilots, aircraft operators and freight forwarders for reporting aircraft, air cargo, passengers and crew departing Norfolk Island. All reports must be submitted to the Australian Border Force (ABF), the operational arm of the Department, on Norfolk Island (see ‘Further information’ below on how to contact ABF on Norfolk Island).

Reporting of aircraft, air cargo, passengers and crew departing Norfolk Island

Pre-departure notification

Notification of intended aircraft departures must be communicated in advance to ABF during business hours. On Norfolk Island, the following completed forms must be provided to ABF twenty-four (24) hours before intended departure.

Reporting of air cargo

The pilot or aircraft operator must provide:

  • Form B328 – Contingency Departure Report and Application for a Certificate of Clearance. Departure reports provide ABF with information regarding the flight of the aircraft. A departure report is not required when nil air cargo is reported (see ‘Form B960’ below).
  • Outwards manifest. This provides ABF with information about cargo on board the aircraft. On Norfolk Island, there is no prescribed form for an outwards manifest. However, standard airline manifests or individual air waybills generally provide sufficient details to satisfy ABF requirements. The outwards manifest must include the following information for each line of cargo, as a minimum:
    • Master Air Waybill
    • flight number
    • departure date
    • name and address of consignee or freight forwarder
    • name, address and contact number consignor/shipper or freight forwarder
    • destination country
    • number of packages
    • description of the goods
    • gross weight
    • permit details (if required)

For consolidated cargo, freight forwarders must also provide Sub-Master/House Air Waybills and separate outwards manifests, with details for each of the separate lines of cargo for which they are responsible, to ABF.

Export Declarations will not be required for goods departing Norfolk Island. A full and proper description of the goods is required to assist ABF effectively risk assess cargo. For goods not fully described, ABF may have to request additional information from the owner/exporter prior to risk assessment. This could delay cargo clearance processes.

Reporting of nil air cargo

The pilot or aircraft operator must provide:

  • Form B960 – Aircraft/Ship Outward Manifest (Nil). This provides ABF with confirmation that there is no cargo on board and details of the flight of the aircraft. Form B328 and outwards manifests are not required.

Reporting of passengers and crew

The pilot or aircraft operator must provide:

  • Forms 2A and 2B – Passenger Report (even if nil). Any passengers on a departing aircraft must be reported to ABF. Instead of Form 2B, an electronically generated list detailing the personal particulars of all passengers is acceptable to meet ABF requirements on Norfolk Island (provided it includes all the information prescribed in Form 2B).
  • Form 3 – Inwards/Outwards Crew Report. Crew on a departing aircraft must be reported to ABF.

Certificate of clearance

The pilot or aircraft operator must obtain a Certificate of Clearance from ABF before the aircraft can depart from Norfolk Island.

A Certificate of Clearance (Form B958) will be issued after ABF ensures:

  • all relevant government requirements for departure are met;
  • there are no impediments following document screening and/or examination of cargo; and
  • any passengers and crew have been processed.

A General Declaration may be issued as an alternative, if supplied by the aircraft operator.

Passenger Movement Charge

The Passenger Movement Charge (PMC) is a AUD 60 charge for the departure of a person from Norfolk Island to another country (other than mainland Australia). Some PMC exemptions apply (for example, to a person under twelve (12) years old).

More information about the PMC, including code-share agreements, is available.

Further information

Accurate and timely reporting of departure information assists ABF to facilitate legitimate trade and identify high risk activity that may require further intervention and. ABF encourages community and industry assistance to protect Norfolk Island’s border.

ABF on Norfolk Island operates from the Norfolk Island District Office located at Taylor's Road, Burnt Pine. ABF on Norfolk Island can be contacted by email

More information about Norfolk Island arrangements from 1 July 2016 is available. For copies of the forms referred to in this page, please see our Departmental forms or contact the ABF on Norfolk Island.