Australian Multicultural Council

The Australian Multicultural Council (AMC) is a ministerially appointed body representing a broad cross-section of Australian interests that provides independent and robust advice to Government on multicultural affairs, social cohesion and integration policy and programs.

The AMC’s current term is 2018 to 2021.


In particular, the AMC will focus on:

  • strengthening public understanding of a shared ‘Australian identity’ as a unifying characteristic of Australia
  • harnessing the economic and social benefits of our diverse population
  • advancing programs and policies aimed at building harmonious and social cohesive communities
  • promoting the importance of mutual respect and responsibility, which foster our shared Australian values, identity, and citizenship
  • building stronger and more cohesive communities and addressing barriers to participation, including racism and discrimination
  • promoting greater intercultural and interfaith understanding and dialogue.

The Government may request the AMC take on specific additional responsibilities in response to emerging multicultural and social integration policy issues. 


The Council is expected to meet approximately three times per year supplemented by roundtables and other stakeholder engagement.

AMC Members

The AMC currently consists of 12 members:

  • Dr Sev Ozdowski AM, Chair
  • Dr Bulent Hass Dellal AO, Deputy Chair
  • Ms Leila Abukar
  • Mr Craig Foster
  • Ms Anthea Hancocks
  • Dr Marina Hogan
  • Ms Helena Kyriazopoulos
  • Ms Claudine Menegazzo
  • Mr Vasan Srinivasan
  • Mr Tsebin Tchen
  • Ms Charlotte Vidor
  • Mr Jason Yeap OAM

To read their biographies see Members of the Australian Multicultural Council 2018-2021.


The AMC will operate in an advisory capacity only. It is not an advocacy body, nor is it a consultative body (unless directed by the Government to engage on a particular issue).

The Government separately funds a number of peak bodies to engage with and represent the views of Australia’s multicultural communities and settlement sector. These include:

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