Offshore - Resettlement

The offshore component of the Refugee and Humanitarian Program involves resettlement of people needing humanitarian assistance to Australia who do not have any other durable solution available to them.

There are three categories of visas under the offshore resettlement program:

Note: The number of applications we receive for resettlement each year is far greater than available visas.

Family reunion under the Humanitarian Program

Concessions apply for reuniting immediate family members of some humanitarian visa holders through the Humanitarian Program. To be eligible for these concessions, you must:

  • hold (or have previously held) the particular visa which you are proposing your immediately family member for (includes Permanent Protection visas and Resolution of Status visas)
  • not have arrived in Australia as an unauthorised Maritime Arrival on or after 13 August 2012.

See: Proposing an immediate family member ('split family')

Important information for applicants