Proposing an immediate family member (Split family)

Applications for immediate family of the proposer are commonly referred to as 'split' family applications.

Concessions apply for the immediate family members of an offshore Refugee and Humanitarian (subclass 200, 201, 202, 203 or 204) visa holder applying to be reunited in Australia, and these applications are given the highest processing priority under the Humanitarian Program.

To be considered as a split family application, applicants must satisfy the following:

  • on the date of the grant of the proposer's visa, the applicants overseas must have been a member of the proposer's immediate family
  • the applicant's relationship to the proposer must have been declared to the department before the grant of the proposer's visa
  • the offshore application must be made within five years of the grant of the proposer's visa
  • the applicant must continue to be a member of the proposer's immediate family
  • the applicant and proposer must not have arrived in Australia as an Illegal Maritime Arrival on or after the 13 August 2012.

Immediate family members

An immediate family member is either the proposer's partner, dependent child or, if the proposer is not 18 or more years of age, the proposer's parent.

Definition of immediate family members

Family member Description
PartnerThe spouse or de facto partner of the proposer, where the relationship is recognised as valid for the purposes of the Migration Act 1958.
Dependent childThe child or stepchild, of the proposer (other than a child who has a partner or is engaged to be married), being a child who either has not turned 18 or has turned 18 and is dependent on the proposer.
ParentIncludes parents or step-parents if the proposer is not 18 or more years of age.

Lodging an application

An application for a visa as the immediate family member of a humanitarian visa holder must be made on an Application for an Offshore Humanitarian Visa (form 842), accompanied by a Refugee and Special Humanitarian Proposal (form 681) completed by their immediate family member in Australia.
see: Lodging certain humanitarian applications in Australia.

Applications under 'split family' are processed for the same visa subclass held by the proposer in Australia.