Course Packaging

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Students can apply to undertake two or more courses on their Student (subclass 500) visa where there is clear progression from one course to another. This is known as course packaging. 

The final course that you will undertake as part of your package of courses is your main (or principal) course of study.  Your main course of study will be used to determine your financial and English language evidentiary requirements.

To be granted a visa for the full duration of the packaged courses, you must provide confirmation that you are enrolled in all of the courses. 

If your visa application includes a package of courses, you can only have less than two calendar months elapse between courses. The only exception to this is when the first course finishes at the end of the standard academic year and the next course commences at the beginning of the standard academic year.

For example, the academic year generally ends in November and starts again in February the following year, three to four months is an acceptable gap between courses.

A student visa for the full package will only be granted if the duration of the package does not exceed the maximum visa grant period.

If you already hold a student visa and change courses (within the same sector), this could affect your course start and end dates.

You must abide by the conditions of your visa, including remaining enrolled in a registered course. If there is a gap of more than two months between your courses (except where a standard academic year ends and begins) your visa could be considered for cancellation. We will take into consideration each situation on a case by case basis. These factors include whether a student has no other option but to enrol in a course which leads to a longer course gap, whether the student has a good academic record, and whether it is reasonable to expect the student to enrol in another course during the course gap.

If you have enrolled in a new course but you have an extended course gap that could lead to your visa being cancelled, you could choose to enrol in a short course to fill the gap. The course can be in any sector, for example, ELICOS or vocational education and training, or higher education.