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Study in Australia

Use the Studying in Australia website to make an informed decision about studying in Australia.

The website has information for international students studying and living in Australia, including:

  • Australian education providers
  • courses
  • scholarship programs
  • testimonials from international students. 

Student visas granted before 30 June 2016

Information is available if you hold a Student visa (subclass 570-576) or a Student Guardian visa (subclass 580).

Genuine temporary entrant requirements

To be granted a student visa, applicants must be a genuine temporary entrant. This means they must have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily.

English language requirements for students

All international students are expected to meet student visa English language requirements.

Find information on the types of English language tests accepted by the Australian Government

Financial capacity requirements

Students must meet financial capacity requirements. This means they must have enough money that is genuinely available to pay for travel, course fees and living costs for the period of stay in Australia. Students will be asked to make a declaration and may need to provide evidence of their financial capacity for the first 12 months.

Health insurance for students

All student visa holders must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while they are in Australia.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides medical and hospital insurance for student visa holders. You can purchase OSHC online by visiting the OSHC insurer's website. You might be able to arrange and pay for OSHC through your educational institution.

Changing courses

Changing your course or education provider

If you are thinking about changing courses you must continue to meet your student visa conditions.

Completing course early

Find out what to do if you complete your course early.

Welfare arrangements for students under 18

Students under 18 must have adequate welfare arrangements in place for the length of the Student visa or until the age of 18.

Education provider default

Students who are affected by an education provider default can get assistance from us or the Tuition Protection Service (TPS).

Education provider default occurs when the provider closes or can no longer deliver a course that the student has enrolled in due to a sanction imposed on the education provider.

Visa conditions for students

Student visa holders must comply with a number of visa conditions so they can continue to study in Australia. Breaching a visa condition may result in their visa being cancelled.

There are different conditions for students and their family members.

Student visa grant period

Information about the student visa grant period for all students is available.

Work conditions for student visa holders

Working in Australia

There are work conditions for student visa holders.

Workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia

We are working closely with the Fair Work Ombudsman to provide information for visa holders who want to report workplace exploitation.

See workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia for more information.


Information for visa holders who would like to request cancellation of their visa to access their superannuation.

Tuberculosis warning for international students

Information for international students about tuberculosis, including information in community languages.

Australia Global Alumni

The Australian Global Alumni website is a virtual global network to connect, build and invigorate the international community of scholars who have studied in Australia, and Australians who have studied overseas.

The website supports alumni to continue building on educational and cultural experiences. It provides the opportunity to participate in ongoing personal and professional development and to network with other alumni.

The website includes content of general interest to alumni such as news articles, public events and alumni stories. These come from a range of sources, including the Australian Government, academic institutions, industry experts, businesses and alumni themselves.