Students and the skilled migration program

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Australia has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality education and training. We continue to welcome overseas students, and appreciate the contribution they make to both academic life and the communities in which they live.

People who wish to study in Australia may be granted a student visa that entitles them to come to Australia on a temporary basis for a specified period to undertake study at an Australian educational institution. While many overseas students make a decision to apply for a permanent visa upon completing their studies, this is an entirely separate process and there is no guarantee that, on the basis of having held a student visa, a person will meet the requirements to be granted a permanent visa at the end of their studies.

The skilled migration program is highly competitive and the program is designed to be responsive to Australian labour market conditions. Eligibility for skilled migration may be determined by the requirements in place at the time a person seeks to make their skilled migration application, regardless of whether or not they have previously been in Australia.

It is important to note that student visas are aimed at achieving an educational outcome, and students should choose a course of study based on their own interest and the quality of the course. Students should not make educational choices solely on the basis of hoping to achieve a particular migration outcome, as the skilled migration program will continue to change and adapt to Australia's economic needs.