Personal information in eMedical


The eMedical system contains information about clients who are undertaking immigration health examinations for an Australian visa application. This might include a digital photo, a digital x-ray, medical history information and health examination results.

Consent to store information in eMedical

In Australia: You will need to provide consent to your information being stored in eMedical before you make an appointment to complete your health examinations. Use eMedical Client to provide your declaration. A copy of the declaration (24KB PDF) is available. 

Outside Australia: You will need to provide your consent to your information being stored in eMedical. If you have not provided your consent before you attend your health examinations appointment, the panel clinic staff will ask you to confirm that you have read the declaration and consent to using eMedical. They will then record your consent directly into eMedical on your behalf. If you have any concerns about this declaration, contact your case officer for advice before attending your appointment.

Access to eMedical

All eMedical users need a logon ID and password to access eMedical, and the level of access granted depends on their individual role.

The system can be accessed by approved panel members (physicians and radiologists), panel clinic staff, and staff who work for our migration medical services provider in Australia. A limited number of departmental staff performing system and network administration functions also have access to the system.

eMedical users at panel clinics and our migration medical services provider are able to search for your case in eMedical. When the clinic(s) of your choice starts processing your case in eMedical it will be 'locked' to that clinic and prevent eMedical users at other clinics from viewing your information.

Protection of personal information

Panel clinics and migration medical services provider are expected to ensure that their clinic protects eMedical Client information against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure. All eMedical users must consent to the terms and conditions of using the system when they logon. This includes keeping their eMedical account details and passwords secure at all times, and not sharing their password or user ID. Clinics are also expected to use appropriate and up–to-date firewall and anti-virus software to protect their computer systems.

System security

The eMedical system is hosted in our Secure Gateway Environment. This is an Australian Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) certified hosting environment, which provides the necessary security controls to protect the online eMedical system. eMedical data is also stored securely on servers within our internal network.

Privacy breaches

If you believe that your privacy has been breached, contact us immediately through Client feedback.