Skilled visa newsletters

Welcome to the Department of Home Affairs' Skilled Visa E-news.

Registered Migration Agents (RMA) and other interested individuals can access electronic editions of the skilled visa newsletters below.

Skilled visa E-news provides advice about upcoming changes to both the temporary and permanent skilled visa programs. More general information about the Australian Government reforms, announced on 18 April 2017, in relation to temporary and permanent skilled visas continue to be available on the Department's what's news for working in Australia.

Important: The primary audience for Skilled visa E-news is RMAs. This is because the majority of applications for temporary and permanent skilled visas are represented by RMAs. E-news is not a substitute for formal policy. LEGENDcom should be consulted to ensure that RMAs have considered the most up to date information from us when advising their clients. RMA's are advised to continue checking these pages on a regular basis as new articles, or updates to existing articles, could occur without prior notice. RMAs are also advised to check the Help section below regularly for processing information and communication protocols.

This information is managed by the Skilled and Family Visa Program Branch.



Where do I go for assistance?

Migration agents and clients should in the first instance utilise online options, including ImmiAccount, to communicate with us and/or provide additional documents/forms. A new ImmiAccount form will also be available for approved sponsors who wish to notify changes in circumstances.

You can email Employer Sponsored Program Management ( in a limited number of scenarios as explained below. To help improve mailbox response times for everyone, agents are asked to assist by:

  • checking all relevant information that is currently available to you, including: decision notifications, website pages, Legendcom (including regulations, legislative instruments and procedural instructions), and ComLaw
  • not copying in individual departmental officers where emailing group mailboxes, or sending duplicate emails to multiple email addresses
  • not sending repeat email requests as this will only slow down response times to your query and/or visa processing
  • ensuring that your contact details (including email address) are kept up to date and that you have also provided agreement for us to communicate with you electronically
  • taking note of the below in relation to topics which are in or out of scope for a response.

Which queries are in scope of program management?

Employer Sponsored Program Management will only respond to complex policy queries, as well as very limited refusal queries, regarding the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482) and Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) as explained in table below.

​You have a specific complex policy related enquirywe will only provide a response where we receive a clear and complex policy query for which the answer cannot be found in existing resources in your professional library such as LEGENDcom as well as information available on our website and Skilled visa newsletters.

Policy queries must be coded as advised below to facilitate streamlined processing. Please use the following policy codes in the subject line of your email:

  • QP3 – TSS – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN (if known) - [subject topic]
  • QP4 – 457 – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN (if known) - [subject topic]

Queries submitted without the appropriate code will not be responded to.

Your query relates to an application which has already been refused We will only provide a response to a query raising concerns about the refusal of a TSS (or 457) application where:
  • the decision has not been appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • you have provided detailed evidence/reasoning to support your claim
  • your email references in its subject line the 'refusal query code' relevant to your particular case as listed below:
    • P1 – Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN – to be used where the application was refused on the grounds that certain evidence was not provided when it was
    • P2 – Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN – to be used where the refusal resulted because the applicant was not exempted from a requirement where appropriate because of international trade obligations (ITO)
    • P3 – Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN – to be used where the application was refused before the time period for requested information or comments to be provided ended
    • P4 – Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN – to be used where the application was refused despite an earlier request for withdrawal being made
    • P5 - Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN - to be used where the application was refused on grounds that the applicant was invited to comment on adverse information (section 57 - procedural fairness) within a specific timeframe and the decision to refuse was made prior
    • P6 - Subclass – Spon/Nom/Visa – TRN - to be used where an application was accidentally withdrawn without the applicant's consent.

Example: if your query relates to a 457 nomination application which was refused on the grounds that LMT evidence was not provided when it was, you must include the following in the subject line of your email: P1 – 457 - Nom – TRN XYZ.

Queries submitted without the appropriate code and evidence/reasoning will not be responded to.

Which queries are not in scope of program management?

From 1 July 2018 the 457 mailbox ( will no longer be monitored. All relevant enquiries regarding subclass 457 and TSS applications should be sent to the TSS mailbox ( If your enquiry relates to a subclass 457 visa application, please indicate '457 application' in the subject line.

A response will not be provided if your enquiry relates to TSS (or 457) application status updates, processing timeframes, non-complex pre-lodgement queries, program delivery related issues, or ImmiAccount technical issues. The table below provides information on how to resolve, or seek advice in relation to your query.

You want general information about the TSS or other skilled visa programs See Australia's skilled visas.
You are having technical problems lodging an application onlineUse the ImmiAccount Technical Support Form.
You want to arrange an immigration health examinationSee Arranging a health examination.
You want a penal check letter so you can obtain your penal clearance before you lodge your visa application

Email and include the words 'Front end load - Penal Check Letter' in the subject line of your email.

You want to update your passport details or address details

See How can i update by details?

You need a bridging visa


You urgently need a Bridging visa B to travel in the next seven days

Apply for a Bridging visa B online via ImmiAccount and email advising that you have completed a BVB request via the ImmiAccount for urgent consideration.

You want to change the conditions on your Bridging visa A or C

Apply for a new bridging visa online via ImmiAccount and ask to have your conditions changed.

You have received a request for information that you believe you have already provided

Use ImmiAccount to provide written advice confirming information already provided.

You wish to request priority processing and have strong grounds for doing so

Email with case details and supporting evidence. Include the words 'Priority processing request' in the subject line.

Do not request priority processing if you are:

  • an accredited sponsor or a regional employer
  • changing sponsors and/or occupations
  • applying for a Labour agreement nomination

as your application will automatically be given priority processing.

You have concerns that a Request for further information (RFI) is not warranted  and you want to escalate your case

Use Compliments, complaints and suggestions

You wish to withdraw your applicationAttach Form 1446 - Withdrawal of a visa application to the relevant sponsorship, nomination or visa application in ImmiAccount to advise us in writing of your withdrawal request.
You are not sure what documentary evidence you need to support your application

See document checklists.

Attach supporting documents via ImmiAccount. For assistance see ImmiAccount how to attach documents (345KB PDF).

You want to advise of a new child born in Australia to TSS (or 457) visa holders email: and attach parent's passports, baby's passports and standard Australian birth certificate. When emailing us, include 'Baby born onshore' in the subject line.
You want to advise of a new child born in Australia to TSS (or 457) visa applicants – where the visa application is still pending

email: completed Form 1022 - Notification of changes in circumstances (149KB PDF) to

You want to request a waiver of condition 8547

email: completed Form 1455 - Application for Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) to

When emailing us, include '8547 waiver' in the subject line.

You are a TSS (or 457) visa holder and your relationship has ended

If your visa was granted because you were a dependent of a primary visa holder and your relationship has ended, your visa is subject to cancellation because the circumstance which allowed for the grant of the visa no longer exists. The options available to you are:

  • apply for and be granted a substantive visa, or
  • depart Australia.

Visit our website information regarding your eligibility for a new visa.

You want to request cancellation of your visa
  • Logon to your ImmiAccount
  • Select the application you want to cancel and click on 'View Details'. This will open the application details page
  • Click on the 'Update Us' link at the left of the screen and select 'Request to cancel a temporary resident visa'
  • Complete the short cancellation request form and press 'Submit' once complete.
You have ceased employment as a TSS (or 457) visa holder or you are the business sponsor/ authorised representative of a business sponsor advising the employment cessation of a TSS (or 457) visa holder


Use notification of sponsorship changes form in ImmiAccount or email

You have any labour agreement queries or wish to request an agreement information packageEmail
You are not sure which documents are mandatory or recommended when submitting your online application

Use the ImmiAccount which will advise you which documents are mandatory or recommended to be attached just before submitting your online application. Make sure you also read the relevant TSS Document Checklists.

You are seeking assistance with linking a newly lodged nomination application to an existing visa applicationThis will be done automatically if the correct visa TRN was recorded at the time of lodgement, which can be confirmed via ImmiAccount.

How to provide further documents to the Department?

All documents should be attached to ImmiAccount as required. ImmiAccount is the only secure system for uploading your documents. To ensure the security of your documents, we recommend that you do not send them via email, third party drop-boxes or through provision of a link. Documents lodged outside of ImmiAccount, may be blocked by our internet filter or accessible by other parties. Additionally, there is no 'chain of custody' evidence of your documents being submitted if they are sent in this way. All of this will slow down the processing of your visa. If you are having problems with ImmiAccount, see ImmiAccount – How to attach documents to a visa application (345KB PDF) in the first instance.