Temporary residence sponsor obligations

Approved sponsors are required to meet certain sponsorship obligations. Some obligations apply beyond the term of sponsorship approval.

The sponsorship obligations you need to meet will depend on the type of sponsor you are.

Most approved sponsors are required to:

  • cooperate with inspectors
  • ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment
  • keep records
  • provide information to us when certain events occur
  • ensure the primary sponsored person works or participates in the nominated occupation, program or activity
  • not recover, transfer or take actions that would result in another person paying certain costs
  • pay travel costs to enable sponsored persons to leave Australia
  • pay costs incurred by the Commonwealth to locate and remove unlawful non-citizens.

You are responsible for meeting all of your sponsorship obligations, even if you have authorised someone else to act on your behalf, including a migration agent.

We monitor your compliance and whether the visa holders you sponsor are upholding their visa conditions.

We monitor you while you are a sponsor and for up to five years after you cease being a sponsor. There are a number of sanction actions we could take against you if you do not comply with your obligations.

For details of the specific obligations that you must comply with, select from the list of sponsors below and go to the Sponsor tab.