Transgender passengers

The Australian Government recognises that travellers who identify as transgender may have specific concerns and questions about the screening processes used at Australian airports.

Body scanners

Australia's international airports use body scanner technology to screen passengers before boarding. This technology requires the screening officer to select the gender of the person being scanned which is based on the person's external appearance.

As with all passengers, additional screening may be required following a body scan alarm, such as a frisk search. You will be asked to consent to the process and be offered a private room. You can inform the screening officer if you would prefer a female or male screening officer to conduct the screening.


The Gender Centre and Organisation Intersex International actively participated in a consultation process run by the Department to address concerns in the implementation of body scanners. The organisation has worked with airports on the development of standard operating procedures for the screening of transgender passengers.

Further information is available in the Privacy Impact Assessment (1.1MB PDF).